On "Vacation" in Palm Springs

It's not really a vacation if you're working, but it has to function as both for two reasons: First you need to be able to sound as if you're not completely destitute to the people you interact with back at home. People who are not destitute take vacations. Second, if you want to keep writing, you have to make money somehow.

That's where I am folks: on "vacation" in my hometown of Palm Springs, California. I did go to Disneyland with The Boy. I guess it was a vacation that day.

I will be back soon to do more podcast episodes. In the next couple days I will post a weird little around-town diary I recorded as I drove around my home town. The audio is bad and I come of like a jerk at times, but I thought there were some relevant thoughts on writing.

Be back soon.

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Becoming a Writer in the Modern World

I think i have this grandiose vision of the literary world as it used to be.

It could be that I’m so far removed from the modern version, that I can’t see how similar it really is. I fantasize about the way writers and artists used to get together and fight and hang out and discuss their masterpieces in confidence knowing the others in the group were just as insecure and mentally unstable.

Does that exist anymore? Does being an artists boil down to nothing more than one’s activity on twittershits and fac(ebook)? Does anybody care about writing or introspection or literary aesthetics anymore? Are we so afraid of getting a peek at our real selves through art that we skirt it by degrading it with subtle epithets? Books for snobs are called “literature”, everyone else reads "fiction". 

Music has its snob-class too called “classical”, a genre its thrown into regardless of the composition date. Modern culture is now looking down on things we once elevated as the highest human acheivements. All because we’d prefer books as entertainment, our music as “something to dance to”; even if you don’t dance.

Maybe the life of the artist is around here somewhere, but I can’t break into to it. Maybe I can’t break into it precisely because Im’ trying to break into it.

Or maybe it never existed.

And what do I think of when talking about that former literary world?

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